Politics: One Day More!

(Sometimes, you just have to go with the Les Mis thing…)

This time tomorrow, I will be handing out how to vote cards for the Greens at Fawkner Primary. You probably know that already.

And I’d like Labor to win, with the Greens getting enough seats to have a chance of asserting a conscience. You probably know that too.

But this is the important thing. This is the thing I really, truly wish for about the election.

I wish everyone casting a vote in this election would cast it with thought, with intent, with an understanding of who they are voting for. No donkey votes. No voting what your friends or family or work say you should vote for. Consider, with your best mind and best heart, what it is you want most out of the options available, and vote for it.

If I had someone to pray to, that is what I would pray for. If I had the faintest idea how to focus magic in that direction, I would do so.

I don’t, so I’m just going to hope it as hard as I can, and ask others who read this to do likewise.

Of course, if everyone does this, we may still wind up with Howard. And I’ll really hate that. But that would be less important than the fact that we would have actually exercised democracy as it should be exercised. If we get Howard back because people aren’t thinking, or don’t care, or are lazy, that would be the ultimate failure.

If we get him back because the Australian people have really thought, really considered all their choices, really truly believe that he is the best option, then that is a victory. Even if I, personally, don’t like it.

Anyone who volunteers to hand out how-to-vote cards tomorrow is my friend. Regardless of what party they are working for. Because these are people who care about where this country is going to go for the next three years, and who are prepared to act on that caring.

And that is the most important thing of all.

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