Politics: A little reminder…

…that if you are Australian and have moved house or changed your name or other details recently, do make sure your electoral enrolment is up to date, OK?

Those silly laws about needing to be enrolled within 24 hours of an election being called are still on the books, and we really don’t know when Jules will call it, but the indications are that she will do so quite soon.

I won’t claim that I don’t care who you vote for, because that isn’t true, but I care much more that you are *able* to vote and that you *do* vote. If you aren’t sure about your enrolment, go here to check. If you know you aren’t up to date, you can download a form here, or get one from your local post office (which is also where you lodge them – very convenient!).

Our Electoral College – and indeed, our entire electoral system – is a national treasure. We should make the most of it.

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