Politics: Election Time!

The election was called today – the date will be August 21.

This means that the voting rolls close at 8pm on Monday.

I’ve checked that I’m enrolled to vote, and I am – are you?

Remember, if your name isn’t coming up as enrolled on this site, you need to update your details by Monday if you want to vote in this election (or even if you just want to avoid a $100 fine for not voting). You can update your details online, though if you have never voted before, you may need to go to a post office and show ID. On Monday.

Even if we can’t stand any of the candidates, this is our only way to influence the outcome – and the beauty of our electoral system is that, while it doesn’t always achieve the government everyone wants most, it’s pretty good at allowing us to avoid the government we want least (actually, with John Howard and George Bush out of the running, this becomes slightly simpler). Cold comfort, but still comfort of a sort…

… I have a feeling this journal is going to get quite political over the next few weeks…

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