Politics: Federal Election – Meet Senator On-Line

Yeah, I know it’s 11pm, but given Senator On-Line‘s platform, I don’t think it’s going to take me that long to discuss their policies. Never mind representative democracy, Senator On-Line wants you to have your say on every issue of the day:

Not aligned with any other organisation, Senator Online (SOL) is non profit and an Australian registered political party.

This is the pre election website. SOL’s post election website will enable everyone on Australia’s Electoral Roll to vote (free) on important issues and every Bill put to Parliament, with SOL senators voting as you (the majority) direct.

Democracy through Technology

Using the internet we can return to a system of representation that reflects your true positions on important issues. It’s a revolution — taking back power from the politicians, special interest and lobby groups and putting it back where it belongs: In your hands – Now We Can!

That’s right, the country is going to be run by Usenet trolls! Or possibly LoLcats (O hai, I can haz direct democracy plz?)

This conveniently lets the party out of actually having to come up with any policies while, if elected, drawing a Senatorial salary. Sounds like a good deal to me.

Before you accuse me of unfairness, let’s have a look at their Senate preferences:

Senator online, Democrats, Carer’s Alliance, Liberal Democratic Party (oh dear), Building Australia, The Climate Sceptics (oh *dear*), Citizens’ Electoral Council (not even Family First like this lot, if you recall), Family First, Australian Sex Party (schizophrenic, much?), Independents from Crikey.com, Family First again, Democratic Labor Party, Christian Democratic Party, Secular Party (yep, definitely political whiplash occurring), Socialist Equality Party, One Nation, Socialist Alliance, yet more Family First, Shooters and Fishers, more assorted independents, and – huzzah! – the ALP. And then Liberal and then the Greens.

Basically, they’ve put all the little parties in a somewhat random, yet strangely unappealing order, ahead of all the larger parties, favouring the ALP and putting the Greens last of all. Andrew and I have been speculating on exactly what they were thinking with this ticket, but have come up with no answers that aren’t actively insulting.

I think this group has actually managed to drop below Family First in my preference list. Family First, at least, stands for something. Not something nice, I’ll grant you, but something. This lot appear to be cynical opportunistts, possibly trying to ride off the popularity of GetUp. And I am not impressed.

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