Politics: Small ‘L’ Liberals

Malcolm Fraser was on Q&A tonight, doing a better job of selling the Rudd and Gillard governments than either Rudd or Gillard did, and generally coming across as sane, intelligent, compassionate, and in general the sort of person one might vote for.

John Hewson’s comments while on The Gruen Nation were likewise intelligent, humorous, and generally sane and compassionate.

I have to say, if I had the option of voting for former as well as current politicians, I’d be seriously considering the Liberal party…

(I’m also in agreement with the several people who have, either humorously or wistfully, expressed the view that Malcolm Turnbull would be a real asset to the ALP right about now…)

Also, does anyone think that in twenty years John Howard will be a sane, compassionate and intelligent elder statesman? I can’t really see it, myself. He seems a bit too small for the job. But then, I imagine Fraser didn’t look like the sort of person who would turn into an elder statesman 35-odd years ago, either…

NB: Still no government.

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