Western Australian Senate Group H ~ Freedom and Prosperity Party

Freedom and Prosperity.  We all love those, don’t we?  How could any rational person ever vote against such magnificent things as freedom and prosperity?

OK, I’m sorry, but I just *cannot* read a party name like that without being possessed with a spirit of cynicism.  And when I click through to their page and discover that the Freedom and Prosperity Party are apparently the re-named Climate Sceptics Party, well, I’m not sure that there’s much more to say.  Except, hooray, I don’t have to write about these idiots after all.

Which, in some ways, is rather a pity, because their tag line now reads “The Australian Climate Sceptics – Exposing the flaws in the greatest hoax inflicted on the human race.”

This is an invitation to sarcasm if ever I heard one.

Incidentally, according to their blog, the name change is not about confusing people into voting for them by accident – and I do actually believe them on this count, because it seems to be about better reflecting their slightly alarming libertarian views:

While the party platform is very much the same, we are keen to reflect the view that many pressures to reduce our Freedoms and Prosperity go wider than Just the Carbon Tax, ETS, and  Abbotts “direct action” plans. Things like  the Renewable Energy Targets, new and increased taxes on businesses, excessive environmental laws (e.g. the removal of water, vegetation and management rights) , various UN treaties (Agenda 21) , and some politically correct ideas (e.g. recent reductions on free speech),  to name just a few issues we will look to speak out on.

It’s like a right-wing-loony-party bingo card all in one beautiful paragraph.

And do you know what’s even better?

They now have a song.(And once again, I call on our politicians to have a Eurovision-style song contest in lieu of a standard ballot.  I mean, there’s Assange singing ‘You Are the Voice’, there’s the Nationals earworm about the Voice of Australia, and I don’t think anyone could ever forget Abbott’s infamous costume reveal on a Sydney beach.  I know we’ve all tried.  Seriously, though, we are getting pretty close to having enough material for a song contest, and it really would drastically improve the parliamentary dress code.)Anyway.  This post is more than usually pointless, even for me.  I’m not sure this lot need a proper post, since I wrote about them under their previous name back in August, but since I’ve been basically mocking them for four hundred words, I should at least take a glance at their Senate preferences.  Anyone want to hazard a guess as to who comes last on their ticket?Why yes, the Greens have pride of place at the foot of this ticket, winning it by a narrow margin from the Secular Party and the Socialist Alliance.  They aren’t too keen on Voluntary Euthanasia or the Animal Justice Party, either.  At the top of the ticket, we have the Australian Voice, Mutual Party and Building Australia, as well as the Australian Sports Party.  I’m not too sure what to make of this, except to say that all four of those parties just went down a little in my estimation.  And then we have Rise Up Australia, which is a little horrifying.  Katter’s Australia Party is the first party on the list with any real chance of getting up, a little further down we have the DLP and Family First, and the Democrats come in at 27 and 28.  Liberal and Labor are lumped one after the other in the 50s (Liberal first, of course), suggesting a party with a tendency towards the smaller and more right wing parties – especially the less compassionate Christian ones, which always makes me sad.
Actually, this whole party makes me sad.  I’m pretty sure you’ve got the picture now, anyway.  Let’s move on.

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