Living Below the Line

When I’m not writing about politics in this blog (or, you know, working full time and studying music part time and singing in more choirs than you can poke a stick at), I also write a food blog, Cate’s Cates.

Normally I wouldn’t mention it here, but this week, I am doing the Live Below The Line challenge, in which participants live for five days on a food budget of $2 per day in order to raise awareness of global poverty, and also to raise money for development projects designed to help people escape poverty.  This year, the focus is on education and training programs for young people in East Timor.  $2 is considered to be the equivalent of the extreme poverty line in Australia, and after a bit less than a day on this challenge, I can tell you that living on this budget hard work!

Also, I’m really hungry.

Anyway, I’m blogging about food and poverty and my experiences negotiating this rather painful challenge throughout the week, and (perhaps unsurprisingly, given the current budget news), my posts are getting somewhat political.

It occurs to me that these posts might also be of interest to some of my readership over on this side of the blogisphere.

It also occurs to me – because I am a shameless, SHAMELESS person when it comes to fundraising – that some of you might think that this is a sufficiently interesting or worthwhile idea that you might want to sponsor me.

Yep.  Shameless. That’s me.

Anyway.  The first of my Living Below The Line posts on Cate’s Cates can be found here.  There are four posts in the series so far – I’m hoping to post two a day between now and Thursday, and a final one on Friday when the challenge is over.

Already, I’m counting the hours.  Did I mention that I’m really hungry?

If you would like to sponsor me, you can do so by visiting this page.  Thanks for your support!

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