Meet the Independents: Chris Ryan

I’m still out over the open, empty ocean, but now it seems very apt, because it is time to write about another of our more spectral senate candidates. Chris Ryan is, according to the AEC website, a lawyer.  This is all we know about him. He has no internet presence whatsoever – or if he does, it is impossible to distinguish him from the other Chris Ryans out there. Come to think of it, I’m not even sure if Chris Ryan is a him at all – Chris could be short for Christine.

(I do wonder what these internet-avoidant would-be Senators expect to achieve.  I realise that not everyone is online, but for a national or even state election, relying entirely on offline interactions for your vote strikes me as a losing prospect.)

It turns out that there are quite a few Chris Ryans out there who are lawyers, some of whom appear to be doing pleasing things and others rather less pleasing ones.  There are also Chris Ryans who are interested in policy, but these do not seem to be the same Chris Ryans, as they are not lawyers.

Chris Ryan – Man (or woman) of Mystery!

While it’s tempting to make a guess as to which Chris Ryan is our Chris Ryan, I’m a bit worried that if I do, I will slandering someone.

This is something I would prefer not to do, particularly if that someone is a lawyer.

I can’t recommend voting for someone about who one knows absolutely nothing.  I’d give Chris Ryan a miss this time around.

Edited to add: I have been sent Chris Ryan’s campaign leaflet!  He’s good (ie, socially progressive) on Education, Health, Refugees, Marriage Equality, and basically everything I care about.  But he has no suggestions on how to fund his proposals.  I’m not quite sure why he isn’t with the Greens. It’s too late for my vote, but if he’s your kind of candidate, you might move him up the ballot paper a bit.

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