Meet the Independents: Dana Spasojevic

I’m actually flying over Australia now, and my laptop is running out of battery (as am I), so Dana Spasojevic may well be my last Independent before I get to take a really looong nap.

Dana Spasojevic knows all about long journeys though, as she is a long-haul truck driver who, according to her Facebook page, is spending the weeks leading up to the election driving trucks up and down  the Hume Highway.

Alas, this is about all we know about her, because while she does have the aforementioned Facebook page, she is too busy working to update it.

Her Facebook post is rather adorable, though:

To all that have supported me with the nominations for the Senate I would like to give a huge thank you for I am eternally grateful. I have received my first vote and all I need is about another 25000 to get into the senate, so please vote for me and could you tell everyone you know to vote for me too. I’m rather excited to see my name on the ballot paper.

My analysis? Ms Spasojevic seems to have nice friends on Facebook, but no discernable policies.  She does score above the other ghosts, because at least one can get a bit of a sense of her personality, and she seems to have a nice one.  Also, I rather empathise with being too busy to cope with this election.  I hear you, sister.  Why did it have to be July 2?  Why?

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