Hugo reading 2017: Mike Glyer / File 770

Fan Writer number 5 is Mike Glyer, who writes File 770.

His Voter Pack starts with two brief articles from File 770, one about terrible holiday ornaments on sale in July, and one about why we shouldn’t erase people who finished below No Award in the Hugos from the nomination list (his argument amounts to – not everyone who has ever finished behind No Award is a puppy, and also, we should acknowledge our history.

He then provides us with a couple of obituaries he wrote last year, one for Bill Warren and the other for Ed Dravecky. They are very nice obituaries. I didn’t know anything about either man, and now I know a little. I don’t really know what else to say about these.

And… that’s all, apparently.

It’s perfectly serviceable writing. There’s nothing wrong with it. There’s also nothing much that holds my attention. It goes above Puppy Jeffro Johnson and No Award, but below Tingle, Luhrs, and Nussbaum, all of whom provided me with far more entertainment.

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