Hugo reading 2018: Best Fan Artist category

OK, on to the Best Fan Artist, where similar caveats apply – I know nothing about art, but I know what I like.  And I have a ballot, and I’m not afraid to use it…

Geneva Benton – I rather like these.  They are playful and colourful and sweet. And they feel very fan-art to me, though I couldn’t express why.  I like the third one, where she is doing a bit of a riff on Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany’s, but with a black woman.  Andrew reckons colours and style of art in that particular picture is reminiscent of the 70s soul funk vibe you get in blaxploitation films, and someone is clearly taking this whole section a lot more seriously than I am…

Grace Fong – does nothing for me.  Most of her pictures are of figures and are almost photorealistic.  Quite cold.  They don’t appeal to Andrew either.

Likhain knows what I like, and what I like is all the colours all the time.  Beautiful, vivid work.  Detailed and tentacular.  Andrew suspects African influence.  I just know that my inner three year old is really happy right now.

Maya Hahto – mostly does pictures of bears.  Very nice bears.  Friendly bears.  Bears who I would like to meet.  Also a nice portrait of Maya Hahto, which is very expressive.  I quite like this.  Also, bears.  Andrew seems moderately approving too.

Spring Schoenhuth – makes fan jewelry rather than fanart.  Andrew: “Seems fine”.  That’s about how I feel, too.

Steve Stiles – bright and cartoonish.  Not really my style.  Andrew reckons he’s riffing on different things, but they aren’t things I recognise.

My ballot is Likhain, Benton, Hahto, Stiles, Fong, Schoenhuth

Andrew’s ballot is Likhain, Stiles, Benton, Hahto, Fong, Schoenhuth

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