Hugo listening 2018: The Deep, by Clipping

OK, next up on the list is a song, “The Deep” by Clipping. Bemusingly, you can watch it in mp4 form, but the only visual is a picture of the CD itself. And that’s not the only bemusing thing about this piece. Actually, bemusing has just become my favourite descriptive word for it.

Let’s see. It’s a 5.5 minute piece of music (song isn’t really the right word) which is probably the foundational work in the genre Angry Merman Memorial Rap. With, I think, submarine voiceovers. The music is watery sound effects, watery keyboard playing, and occasional chimes. And sort of possibly underwater machinery or explosion noises.

I like the chimes?

I think I sort of like the idea of this one, but I have no idea how to compare it to the others. It’s definitely interesting and innovative and science fictional. I think it is achieving what it set out to do. But I don’t actually understand what that was, quite.

Also, a special vote of thanks to my computer for deciding that the appropriate thing to do with the mp3 of this song was to segue directly into ‘Behold, a virgin shall conceive’, from the Messiah. Evidently, my Mac didn’t think that The Deep was surreal enough on its own.

I’m just going to sit here and feel weird for a while.

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