Victorian State Election – And we’re off!

I’ve been madly reading up on political party policies all week, but haven’t wanted to post anything yet, because I was waiting for the group voting tickets to come out.  But they are here now, so it’s time to get started!

As always, I will be reviewing all the minor parties and independents who are running for the Legislative Council, and if I have time, I’ll also look at my local ballot and see what’s going on there.

I’ll be working my way through the parties in alphabetical order this year, with occasional breaks to write about some independents.  Since independents are often late bloomers in campaign terms, I’ll try to do all the independents for a particular region on the same day, so that nobody gets disadvantaged.

The main page where I list all the political parties and independents and their websites, as well as links to my reviews can be found here.

Let’s get started, shall we?

4 thoughts on “Victorian State Election – And we’re off!

    • You are very kind! To be fair, our many, many tiny parties are what make this interesting – without them, I would have nothing to write about (and no stupid jokes to make…).

  1. Woohoo super excited to read, thanks for doing this wonderful service for our democracy, it’s so hard to find information about these guys.

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