Federal Election 2019: Meet The Great Australian Party


Website: https://www.thegreataustralianparty.com.au/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/greataustralianparty/
For the restoration of the Commonwealth.
Themes: Another One Nation spin-off party, but taking the libertarian route rather than the white supremacy route. Conspiracy theorists. Possibly sovereign citizens.
Upper House: NSW, QLD, SA, VIC, WA
Lower House: Bean, Casey, Fraser, Newcastle, O’Connor
Preferences: The Great Australian Party has gone above and beyond in their preferencing, drat them, though not all the way to the bottom of the ballot.  Their top picks include the Democratic Labour Party, the Christian Democrats, Fraser Anning’s Conservative National Party, the Australian Conservatives, the Shooters, Fishers and Farmers, and the CEC.  Rise Up Australia, Love Australia or Leave, Katter’s Australian Party, the Australian Christians and the Liberal Democrats are also popular choices.  Their tickets generally stop at the Coalition.

Did you notice what was missing from this roll-call of conservative Christian and right wing nationalist parties?  That’s right – Pauline Hanson’s One Nation is noticeably absent.  I think someone is still feeling cross at having been kicked out…

Policies & Commentary

“You know what Australia needs?  Another One Nation spin-off party!”, said nobody ever.

Except, apparently, Rod Culleton.

(Well, and also Fraser Anning.  I feel we really need to take a good long look at ourselves in the mirror as a nation, if this is what we are coming to.)

Dear God.

The Great Australian Party, as you may have surmised, is the brainchild of former One Nation Senator Rod Culleton.  Culleton’s political career was meteoric, in the sense that it started off on a high note and plunged rapidly into the ground.  He was elected as a Senator for Western Australia on the One Nation ticket in 2016, but resigned from the party to sit as an independent on December 18 of that year.  Five days later, the Federal Court held that he was bankrupt, and in January, it was determined that as a result of this bankruptcy, he was not eligible to sit in Parliament.  Culleton disagreed; his appeal was dismissed on February 3 by the Full Court of the Federal Court, and on the same day the High Court found that he was ineligible to sit in any case due to a criminal conviction in NSW.

Culleton did not accept either of these rulings, and promptly appealed to the Privy Council of the United Kingdom for redress.   So, basically, to the Queen.  One has to give him credit for persistence, and originality.  I’m not sure if there has been an outcome to this appeal (though I’m not at all sure it would have any bearing on his ability to sit in our Parliament if there was), but Culleton continues to refer to himself as a ‘Senator in Exile’.

Given these promising beginnings, I can hardly wait to see what the GAP has in store for us.

Welcome to The Great Australian Party website – the home of true change for Australians.

The Commonwealth Constitution dictates that you are the “Supreme, Absolute, Uncontrollable Authority” in this country.  As such, it is now high time to give the power back to the people of this great country and that is what “The Great Australian Party” is all about!

Supreme, absolute and uncontrollable, eh?  All of us?  Individually?  That sounds exciting.

The GAP then directs us to the Know Your Rights website, which we shall investigate shortly, and also to Rod Culleton’s own website, which appears to be a website in exile, since the link goes nowhere and I can’t find that website on Google.  They then provide some policy principles which are kind of libertarian only a bit weirder.  For example, here they are on the subject of taxation:

1.Taxation reform consistent with the Commonwealth Constitution.
A) As inherited, all taxes are voluntary for all subjects of the Commonwealth – all public infrastructure to be funded by the National Estate (All commodities and natural resources within the Commonwealth of Australia).
B) We will show that the entire country can be successfully funded through the correct taxation of corporations without the need for people to pay personal income tax.
C) The source of this funding shall be through consolidated revenue according to the Commonwealth Constitution.

They also want to restore the old public Commonwealth bank to protect people’s investments, get rid of local government, reform legislation along lines that are unintelligible to me, but I think it might be something to do with the Queen.  (Speaking of the Queen, when I glanced at this website a couple of weeks ago, there was definitely something about us all being the Queen’s subjects, but that’s gone now.  I’m therefore taking some screenshots today, in case they do an Aussie Battler on us and change all their policies.)

They want to ‘focus law enforcement on eliminating true crimes – i.e. any that create an actual victim’, which is to say, they don’t like traffic fines or prohibition of drugs.  And they also want to ‘Eliminate any uncorroborated evidence being admitted to court’, which is a great way to reduce prosecutions for sexual assault, not to mention eliminating almost all possibility of prosecution for child sexual abuse, which doesn’t tend to be reported until years after it happens.  They also want to eliminate the Family Court and replace it with mediation counselling, which I’m sure will work just brilliantly in cases of family violence.

Basically, if you have any sort of care for victims of sexual assault or family violence, this is a party you should be avoiding like the plague.

They also want to

Adhere to Article 7 of the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights – ie. no forced medication (vaccinations, fluoride, forced mental health care).

Of course they don’t.  This is not a party that believes in any sort of mutual responsibility.

Since their page is quite short, I thought I’d take a quick look at the Know Your Rights page that they so kindly linked to, and oh boy.

Our first aim is to educate you and awaken you ‘wake people up to the TRUTH that the governments and those who are REALLY in power have been suppressing for many years.  For those who are just starting down this path of “awakening”, we strongly recommend that you view the following video, from Scott Bartle, that really helps to expose the truth about the so-called “Australian government”.

They have lots of videos, form letters and information booklets on how to understand and exercise your rights (and stop paying fines, fees and taxes while gaining freedom, power and control).  Apparently, our freedoms and liberties have been stolen from us.  Fines are illegal.  Taxation is voluntary and nobody can make you do it.  Banks are evil (OK, they may be onto something with that one).  Vaccination laws must be challenged.

There is a whole section on how the Constitution means that no state-based laws apply to anyone.  Also:

A State shall not make ANYTHING other than gold or silver coin legal tender in payment of a debt.  Remember this any time you have any State debt to “pay” that is over $20 – see Sections 9, 11, 16 & 22 of the Currency Act 1965 for further details.

Honestly, I would love to set a Constitutional lawyer loose on that page and see what they made of it.

They also talk about the Strawman, which is the ‘difference between your ALL CAPS “person” – which is what the Government deals with – and you, the flesh and blood human being.’  There is something about all this which sounds very Sovereign Citizen to me.

And yes, they are excited about the Great Australian Party, which they claim as their own.  Oh, and here’s the bit about the Queen!  I knew I wasn’t imagining it!

Many of our Members have asked us for a copy of the 15 page letter that senator Rodney Culleton recently sent to various Members of Parliament regarding the unlawful removal of The Queen and the subsequent cover up of that and we are happy to announce that we have a copy of that letter available, which you can download via this link.

Last of all, they have a page called Conspiracy??? , which caused me to shriek so loudly in rage that my husband came running in to check if I was OK.

This is the page where we learn that the Port Arthur Massacre was faked in order to rob us of our guns, that 9/11 and the Paris 2015 attacks were false flag events to allow the government to start wars and control us better, and that the loss of Malaysian Airline flights MH 370 and MH17 were probably also some sort of plot by the US.

We imagine it is going to be too much for many people to get their head around.  And that’s fine: not everyone is ready for this kind of information yet, and that’s okay.  All we ask is that when you are ready to expand your consciousness, come back to this page with an open mind – just don’t dismiss the valuable information on all our other pages just because this page doesn’t sit right with you – yet.

Now, I want to be very clear here.  This website is linked to by the GAP, and the site itself links back to the GAP and endorses Rod Culleton.  If Rod Culleton does not hold these views himself, he is certainly happy to associate with people to do.  And these views are both wrong and dangerous (and incredibly hurtful to those who lost loved ones in these events).

But even setting aside that, the GAP seem to be extreme libertarians who do not want to contribute to the wellbeing of others in this Commonwealth that they claim to feel so strongly about (I mean, I don’t adore paying tax, but I do love the fact that it means we have nice roads and public health and education things like that.  And I don’t think it should be restricted only to those who feel like paying it).

Competition for the bottom of my ballot paper is getting quite high, but I have to say, the Port Arthur conspiracy stuff is certainly a way to shoulder yourself to the front of the pack.  And once again, I find myself saying, look, if you are too extreme for Pauline Hanson and One Nation, then there is something very, very wrong here.

Eurovision Theme Song as determined by me, very objectively

I mean, what do you even do with a party like this?  I actually asked my fellow Eurovision fans for suggestions of songs that were utterly ludicrous and ideally pointless, and a Belgian friend came back with this one from 1983.

It has one line, in Flemish, repeated endlessly, which doesn’t really translate well to anything, but my friend reckoned the closest translation was ‘Enough is enough and my head is closed’.

Which… seems about right for this lot.  Oy.

3 thoughts on “Federal Election 2019: Meet The Great Australian Party

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  2. You’re quick to push your opinions as a truth here. The reason why all of this sounds ‘unintelligible’ to you, is because you are very uneducated on it all. You keep referencing ‘the Queen’ as if she is a nobody to us, then you keep making these claims that it sounds like ‘sovereign citizens’. This is your issue, you have not read the constitution have you? Australia is. Federal commonwealth that makes us a dominion under the UK, and the monarch is the sovereign, which means the Queen is the sovereign of Australia, the crown. For us to no longer be apart of this dominion, or aka the ‘Commonwealth’ we need to have a referendum. One was held in 1999, we said no. So, why are you saying the Queen is a nobody? Oh, that’s right, you have done lazy research and tried to make out that you are knowledgeable on the subject. Take this pathetic ‘review’ down and try redeem some public face.

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