Meet the Small Parties: Animal Justice Party

The Animal Justice Party (AJP) is a relatively new party on the electoral scene.  It first appeared on Victorian ballot papers in the 2012 Federal Election, when they distinguished themselves by putting the Greens only slightly above the shooting and fishing parties on their Group Voting Ticket.  While the Greens have traditionally been the party of environmentalists, the AJP evidently felt that they did not go far enough.

So, how have they developed since then?  Here’s an extract from their charter, :

The Animal Justice Party has been formed as a response to growing public concern about the neglect of animals and animal protection issues by political parties. It will give a voice to those who cannot speak for themselves. […] There is a need for laws and processes which recognise animals’ needs and capabilities and which protect their interests, whether they are domestic, farmed or wild…

Our treatment of animals and the environments we share with them are often marred by a lack of understanding, leading to disrespect and cruelty. At a time when the planet’s environment is being challenged on so many fronts, we must urgently act to ensure that all animals that both contribute to and depend on it are respected and valued for their intrinsic and fundamental roles.  We need to build a new relationship with the planet that is inclusive of all of its inhabitants. With a fresh approach towards animals and the ecological systems of Earth, humans can create more rewarding and ethical communities and relationships built on deeper understandings and firm principles of justice.

The Animal Justice Party seeks a restoration of the balance between the human, natural and animal worlds which acknowledges the interconnectedness and inter-dependence of these worlds, and respects the wellbeing of animals alongside that of humans, societies, economies and environments.

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