Meet the (not so) Small Parties: Australian Labor Party

OK, so I’m going to assume that you know who the Australian Labor Party is, right?  They’re that big party that likes red ties and is a bit scared of the Greens (as opposed to the other big party that likes red budgie smugglers and is a bit scared of the Greens.  I know, it can be hard to tell them apart sometimes).

Alright, that probably wasn’t fair.  But I’m guessing that doesn’t matter too much, because really, you are going to be getting chapter and verse on the ALP’s policies from the media anyway.  If you’d like to know how all their policies are rubbish, you should probably read The Australian.  If you would rather know how great they are, I’d stick to The Age.  And if you like to read Andrew Bolt… then I am truly amazed that you are reading this blog.  You must feel as though you have stepped onto an alien planet.  I hope you aren’t too traumatised by the experience.

Now that I have insulted everybody and also reduced the entire media to its lowest common denominator, let’s get on and look at this sensibly, shall we?

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