Meet the Small Parties: Australia First Party

Alrighty.  It’s time to take off our Eurovision costumes, don our Personal Protective Gear, and wade into the pit of dubiously directed enthusiasm that is the Australia First Party.

This post might turn out to be a little bit incoherent, because I keep starting to write this post and then stopping because I spot something else on their site which kind of stuns me into silence.  There is a LOT on this site – policies, rallies, campaigns, questions about Australia’s future, national restoration.  So many articles.  And the articles have brilliant titles like ‘ABC Fairfax Leftie Communists’, ‘Elitist Aristocratic Entitlement’, ‘Economic eggs in one China basket case’, ‘Government Fritter and Waste’, ‘Leftists hate our sovereignty’, ‘Mining Industry Fascism’, ‘Laberal merry-go-round sapping Australia’s wealth’ (yes, they have coined the word ‘Laberal’) ‘Offshoring is Fully Imported Scabs’ and, my personal favourite, ‘Australian farmers may be forced to plant rice and noodles’.  (Think about that one for a moment.)

I already have an inkling that I’m not going to like their policies, but whoever is writing their headlines deserves a payrise, because each and every one of these links makes me want to click on it (or at least yell it out in a horrified and dramatic voice to my husband, who is trying to do other things with his life right now, but no, he is out of luck, because this whole website cries out to be… cried out).

I cannot possibly cover everything on Australia First’s website – their media people are clearly very hardworking, so I’ll stick mostly to their policies, unless I become irresistibly tempted to click on something that is guaranteed to raise my blood pressure.

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