Federal Election 2019: Meet Australia First


Website: https://australiafirstparty.net
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/AusFirstParty/
Identity. Independence. Freedom.
Restoring Nationhood and Wealth for Australians
Themes: Extreme right-wing.  Xenophobia.  Anti-immigration. White Australia policy.  Also horrible about gay people.
Upper House: None
Lower House: Lalor, Lindsey, Longman, Swan
Preferences: I’ve only found one How to Vote card for this lot, but it starts with the Christian Democrats, and # Sustainable Australia, then preferences an Independent, Mark Tyndall, followed by United Australia, the Greens, Liberal and Fraser Anning’s Conservative National Party, with Labor Last.  That is one weird ticket for a right wing party.  I mean, the first half makes sense, but then the Greens?  And then Fraser Anning’s chap second last?  I wonder if there is some bad blood here.
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