Meet the Small Parties: Australian Country Alliance

According to the banner on the Australian Country Alliance‘s homepage, they are all about Local Issues, and these centre around ‘Rural – Regional – Recreational’, ‘Traditional values’, ‘Water – Energy – Telecommunications’, and ‘Access to Government Services’.

At first glance, then, it looks as though they are positioning themselves as the new National Party, since the existing one, in Coalition with the Liberal Government, is not always able to achieve very much for its constituents.  But perhaps I am being unfair?

Their central statement on the front page contains a similar message:

The Australian Country Alliance understands country and urban life.  We recognise small business and the strength of local communities is the lifeblood for our our families and way of life.

We believe in the right to recreational activities such as camping, fishing, boating, 4×4, prospecting and shooting.

We are here to ensure greater access to the things that matter to us such as education, transport and health services.

Did you notice the bit where they slipped in the fishing and shooting and such?  Well, if you didn’t, that’s OK, because there are then two video ads about how the ACA is the only group that will fight to protect your children’s right to do the fun stuff you did when you were a kid, namely shooting, fishing, camping, 4×4, and so forth.  One might be excused for wondering if this was perhaps their biggest priority (at least, I hope one might, since I’m certainly wondering).  Another big priority, judging by slogans and their news page, and one for which I admittedly have more sympathy, is regional railways.

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