Federal Election 2019: Meet the Australian Democrats


Website: https://www.australian-democrats.org.au/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/australiandemocrats/
Not Left. Not Right. Just Forward.
Keep the Bastards Honest
Themes: Inclusiveness, compassion, community, collaboration, transparency.  Science-based policy.  Making sure people in rural and regional Australia have access to resources.
Upper House: NSW, SA, VIC
Lower House: Adelaide
Preferences: The Democrats seem to have a penchant for tiny parties.  In NSW, they are voting Science, Together, Sustainable, Pirates and ICAN – a fun, progressive ticket that cares about science and inclusiveness.  In Victoria, we have the Secular Party, Hinch, the Republicans (ten to one they have not looked at that mess of a website), ICAN again, and HEMP – a little more centist, but progressive overall.  And in SA, they vote Sustainable, HEMP, Centre Alliance, Greens, ALP, and then all of a sudden they completely jump the shark and put a seventh party on their ballot, and it is the Great Australian Party, of all things.  Australian Democrats, what are you *thinking*???  I can’t see the Democrats as closet conspiracy theorists, and I am baffled at this particular preference choice.
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Victorian Senate Group AB: The Democratic Process

As I reach the Australian Democrats, I breathe a sigh of relief, as one who has entered an oasis of sanity.  In fact, I get four relatively sane parties in a row, if you count WikiLeaks, because this seems to be the vaguely-sensible left enclave on the Victorian Senate Paper.  It’s always nice to find a party that doesn’t make you want to weep for the future of this country…

The Democrats turned out to be my favourite party last time, if I recall correctly, though an ungrouped independent who isn’t running this time actually got my first preference.  So I have high hopes for a bit of sanity and compassion… even if it is from a party who really has reached endangered species status.

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Politics: Federal Election – Meet the Australian Democrats

And I yearn for Cheryl Kernot… Democrat!

Actually, I gather that she’s running as an independent this time around, though sadly not in Victoria, but this doesn’t stop my brain’s almost Pavlovian response to any mention of the Australian Democrats with a rousing chorus of ‘My Heart’s in Peril, Cheryl!’.

Still, I’m looking forward to a little bit of sanity in this particular set of policies (and no GST). I admit to a certain fondness for the Democrats, and a certain sympathy – not to mention my feeling that, as a good conservationist, it is my duty to vote for an endangered species, which the Australian Democrats certainly are…

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