Victorian State Election 2018: Meet the Australian Liberty Alliance

I don’t have time to read all of this!
The Basics

Facebook page:
Current president: Debbie Robinson
Themes: Stopping the alleged Islamisation of Australia. Small government. Freedom of speech.  Right wing,  libertarian, pro-Western values, pro-guns, anti-socialism, anti-PC.

With friends like these…
The Group Voting Ticket

The ALA’s best friends appear to be the Australian Country Party, the Aussie Battlers, The Liberal Democratic Party, The Shooters, Fishers and Farmers, and Transport Matters.  Hinch’s Justice Party, Sustainable Australia and Hudson for Northern Victoria also get some love.

I’m still trying to work out if the Aussie Battlers have blundered into the right wing, or whether it’s intentional.  It’s also worth nothing that I’ve seen a lot of preferences go to Transport Matters from all sorts of directions – presumably because most people can agree on wanting better public transport.  I’m wondering if they might actually pick up a seat.

The bottom of the ALA’s ticket is always Liberal, Labor and the Greens, in that order, with one notable exception – in the Western Metropolitan Region, ungrouped independent Kathy Majdlik is singled out for last place.  Given the sort of things the ALA supports, I am predisposed to like Ms Majdlik.   The Victorian Socialists and Fiona Patten’s Reason Party are also regulars on the ALA’s hate list, and there are guest appearances from various other ungrouped independents and from the Voluntary Euthanasia Party and the Animal Justice Party.

The Body Politic
Policies, Snark, Terrible Theme Songs and Other Observations

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Meet the Small Parties – Australian Liberty Alliance

And once again we are veering across to the right wing of politics, with the Australian Liberty Alliance, who have kindly put this statement up front and centre so we can see what they stand for.

Our Australia stands for individual liberty, small government, Western values, social fairness and an integrated multi-ethnic society. Our Australia has no place for big government, racism, moral relativism, divisive multiculturalism or tolerance for the intolerant. Migrants do not dream of a new life in Australia because we are a Socialist, Islamic or tribal society. Migrants come for the freedom, justice and prosperity only Western civilisation creates.

You know, that’s actually a pretty decent mission statement.  I don’t agree with very much of it, but they have done a first class job of stating right there on their front page what they stand for, and everything else you will read is going to follow from that. And at first glance, they don’t appear to be attempting to halt all immigration and kick out everyone who wasn’t born here, so already they are doing better than the Australia First Party in my book. They evidently don’t like Muslims, but on the other hand, they do not seem to be white supremacists, so… yay?  (I will note, though, that their candidates are all white.  And if you are in New South Wales, you can even vote for Angry Anderson!)

They are also disappointingly non-hilarious in their headlines.  I’m trying to decide whether I prefer my scary right wing parties to be well-spoken or clearly unhinged.  I think the latter – the former are far more likely to achieve their goals…

Let’s see how this translates to policy…

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