Federal Election 2019: Meet the Australian Progressives


Website: www.progressives.org.au
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/AusProgressive/
Ethics. Empathy. Equality. Evidence. Engagement. Empowerment.
We believe Australia’s best days are ahead of us.
Themes: Being progressive!   Looking after people so that they can achieve their potential, action on climate change, equality and ending systemic discrimination.  Absolutely brilliant statement on the purpose of taxation, for which I will forgive much.
Lower House: Bean, Canberra, Fenner, Longman, Sturt
Preferences: None provided.  How to vote cards are just too regressive…
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Meet the Small Parties – Australian Progressives

On first glance, the Australian Progressives look like a party after my own heart.  Their front page, which looks a little bit like the cover of a science fiction novel, and is brought to you by the Letter E, which stands for:

Ethics. Empathy. Equality, Evidence. Engagement. Empowerment.

Please note the use of full stops, because you are not going to get nearly as many of these on the policy page.  These are their party values, of which more later.

The Australian Progressives believe in the advancement of an empathetic society – one in which all citizens of this country can reach their full potential and find fulfilment in their lives within a thriving environment. We want to be a government with the guts to advance society through laws, services and infrastructure, rather than gambling on the off-chance that “the free market” will look after everyone and everything. Government and communities should work together to develop creative, passionate and driven individuals who can improve the world around them, embracing education, technology, science, culture and global leadership.

These are good goals, in my view, and this is another party that is aiming to be a party of government, not a single-issue microparty.

Let’s see how they plan to achieve them.

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