Victorian Senate Group K: Reforming Banks

I have been informed by a friend of mine that I have to like the Bank Reform Party, because said friend has been teaching voice production to one of its founders and candidates, and he thinks that their policies are very sensible.  I actually find it hard to get incredibly excited about banks – I have stated in many, many places that I don’t really understand economics, but it is always mildly interesting to have a connection to a political party.  Especially a really tenuous one, actually.

The Bank Reform Party is “a new, non-aligned political party seeking to reform and increase the competitiveness of the Australian economy.

They are so new that they actually have two websites – the pre-AEC-registration website here, and the official one listed above.  This caused me some concern initially – after all the fun and games during our recent council election with people pretending to be from parties that they were not, I was a bit worried that one of the sites was trolling the other, but they seem to be the same people with the same policies.  Anyway, I’m mentioning this only to note that I am writing up the policies of this party based on the newer of the two websites, so that if it turns out that one of the sites is an elaborate hoax after all, you will know where I got the information from.

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