Politics: Federal Election – Meet the Building Australia Party

The next party on the ticket is a very new party indeed – so new, that Google can’t find their website with any of the obvious searches, and it took me five searches to even establish that they have one.

Fear not, gentle reader, I found it eventually. Let me introduce the Building Australia Party.

Can I just start by expressing my joy at a nice, new party without many policies? The Socialists and the CEC were bloody exhausting, not to mention the Greens and the Democrats. I’m developing a real appreciation for single-issue parties.

Their ticket is a bit confused – they start of with one person each from the DLP and the Liberal Democrats, then move on to the Carer’s Alliance, the Democrats, Senator On-Line, and the Shooters and Fishers. Eventually, they go via Family First to the ALP. At the bottom of the ticket – surprise! – is the CEC, with the Australian Sex Party, the Secular Party and One Nation also not feeling the love. I detect a rather old-fashioned, conservative Christian, Rotary-club-ish sort of party. But not quite such an egregiously right-wing Christian group as others we could mention.

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