Western Australian Senate Group H ~ Freedom and Prosperity Party

Freedom and Prosperity.  We all love those, don’t we?  How could any rational person ever vote against such magnificent things as freedom and prosperity?

OK, I’m sorry, but I just *cannot* read a party name like that without being possessed with a spirit of cynicism.  And when I click through to their page and discover that the Freedom and Prosperity Party are apparently the re-named Climate Sceptics Party, well, I’m not sure that there’s much more to say.  Except, hooray, I don’t have to write about these idiots after all.

Which, in some ways, is rather a pity, because their tag line now reads “The Australian Climate Sceptics – Exposing the flaws in the greatest hoax inflicted on the human race.”

This is an invitation to sarcasm if ever I heard one.

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Politics: Federal Election – Meet the Climate Change Sceptics

Though not in quite the way they intend, I fear. Meet The Climate Change Sceptics – self-described as ‘The World’s First Political Party Representing Scepticism and Objectivity in Climate Policy’.

Scepticism and objectivity are big words, as anyone working in science will know. Let’s find out how objective they really are…

First, let’s look at their Senate Group Ticket, on which you will be astonished to learn that the Greens are lucky last. In fact, they favour Family First and the DLP, which is not surprising from a group that talks about ‘a Christian perspective on climate change’ (something tells me, however, that most of the Christians I know would not share this perspective). One Nation, the Liberal Democratic Party, and the Christian Democratic Party also do well, and their preferences eventually flow to the Liberals. Very much a libertarian, right-wing Christian ticket, with a side order of complete raving nutbar.

Now, to their policies.

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