Meet the Independents: Dennis Hall

My plane is now flying over the Middle East. On my left, I have the Tigris River.  And on the right, I rather fear, I have Dennis Hall, who wants Independent Nationhood for Australia – yes, it’s Brexit all over again, and just when we were breaking into Eurovision, too…

Mr Hall earns my instant ire by advising people continually ‘remember to number 1-12 candidates  below the line, and forget the rest.’

No.  Do not forget the rest.  Particularly do not forget the rest if you are voting for independents or small parties.  If you do, you risk your vote exhausting and someone you like even less getting into the Senate.  Seriously, people, 12 is the minimum, and that’s great, because now you don’t have to be afraid of voting informal by accident.  But for heaven’s sake, number all the candidates you can!

Oh yes, that’s right.  I need to talk about Dennis Hall…

Mr Hall has a Facebook page only, not a website, which makes his policies a bit tricky to track down, but he has a profile and some useful statements, so I’ll be mostly using those here.  Here’s what he says about himself.

I consider myself an everyday Aussie. Born in Bairnsdale, East Gippsland and growing up in regional Victoria.

In the early ‘80s I discovered an interest in the Australian Constitution, that interest quickly became a passion and now I am an advocate for constitutional change that is in the best interest of all Australians.

He likes footy, pottering around in sheds, and democracy.

Am I the only one having an attack of ‘On The Mateship’ from Keating the Musical?  It’s that whole ‘I’m just a bloke / an Aussie bloke’ vibe.  Oy. Continue reading