Victorian State Election 2018: Meet Diana Grima

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The Basics

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Themes: Not taking the Western Suburbs for granted! Mental health, transport, infrastructure, petrol prices, environment.

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The Group Voting Ticket

As an ungrouped independent, Grima does not get a group voting ticket, but it’s always interesting to see where the independents are placed by other parties.

The Greens put Grima at 10th on their ticket, directly after the Victorian Socialists and the Animal Justice.  This is clearly not a random choice, since fellow ungrouped independent Kathy Majdlik is only at 26th.

Hinch and the ALP put Grima at 14th and 15th, respectively (directly after Majdlik in both cases).

Most other parties put them low down the ballot, but it’s worth noting that the Australian Liberty Alliance makes a point of distinguishing between the two, putting Grima at 32, well ahead of Majdlik at 48.

The Body Politic
Policies, Snark, Terrible Theme Songs and Other Observations

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