Victorian Senate Group AF: In which Drug Law is Reformed

I have to say, I rather like the look of the Drug Law Reform Party.  At first glance, they look like a saner, better-thought-out version of HEMP – HEMP for the middle class, educated voter who may have dabbled in social work, or may just have had a joint or two at University and not regretted it.  They are pretty much a one-issue party, but there are worse issues to have.  Such as fishing.

The Drug Law Reform Party has two tickets, both of which start with the Australian Democrats, a sound move in my book.  And I’ve just realised that the lead candidate for Victoria is Greg Chipp… a striking coincidence, don’t you think?  Sure enough, it turns out that Greg, the party’s founder, is the son of Don Chipp, founder of the Democrats.  According to the Herald Sun he is also a former heroin addict who apparently wants to show people in the throes of addiction that they can recover and make a contribution to society.  Good on him, I say.  Now, back to those tickets…

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