Victorian State Election 2018: Meet Michael Fozard!

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The Basics

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Themes: Community.  Getting politicians to stop ignoring Gippsland.  Making Gippsland Great Again.

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The Group Voting Ticket

As an ungrouped independent, Mr Fozard does not get to lodge a Group Voting Ticket, so instead, we’re going to take a little peek at what the other parties thought of him.

He’s mostly sinking to the bottom of most of the tickets, though it’s the most left-wing parties that are inclined to put him dead last or close to it.  His best score comes from Derryn Hinch’s Justice Party, which puts him at 7th – but given that the DHJP seems to favour all of the independents, this isn’t particularly illuminating.

The Democratic Labor Party puts him at 11th, and given their care to re-order candidates even within political parties, this is probably meaningful, and suggests he has some approval from the conservative side of politics.  The Australian Liberty Alliance puts him at 21st, and Health Australia and Sustainable Australia both put him at 23rd.  Given that there are only 46 candidates on the Eastern Victoria Region, this is not really a ringing endorsement.

So… probably conservative, but a bit early to judge.

The Body Politic
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