Victorian State Election 2018 – Meet Tarang Chawla and Nicole Lee!

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The Basics

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Themes: Ending violence against women.  Feminism.  Not liking Matthew Guy.  But mostly, ending violence against women.

With friends like these…
The Group Voting Ticket

Chawla and Lee have given their first preferences to Transport Matters.  Seriously, Transport Matters could be the dark horse in this election.  After that, their votes go to the Animal Justice Party and the Voluntary Euthanasia Party, followed by Derryn Hinch’s Justice Party.  They definitely favour small parties over large ones, and have put their local friendly ungrouped independents at 22-24 on the ballot.

They have put Labor ahead of the Greens and Liberal, with these three parties occupying places 29-43 on their ticket, and have saved some ire for the Health Australia Party, possibly because anyone who is disabled is likely to have a low tolerance for woo.  At the bottom of the ballot, they have the LDP, then the Shooters and Fishers, the DLP, and last of all, the Australian Liberty Alliance.  I am not surprised that independents who are passionate about ending violence against women have little time for political parties who are pro-gun and, in the DLP’s case, anti-divorce (historically, at least – I haven’t checked on them yet this year).

Just for fun, let’s see who is reciprocating.  The ALP have put them at the top of their ticket (by which I mean, directly after their own people), as have Transport Matters and Derryn Hinch (who has strong feelings about family violence).

The Greens, the Voluntary Euthanasia Party and Fiona Patten’s Reason Party have put them in third place.  Interestingly, the DLP have put them in the top third.

The Liberal Party, on the other hand, have put them second last on the ballot, way behind the other, ungrouped, independents, and the Socialists and Animal Justice Party have also put them right near the bottom.

But they’ve done pretty well in the preferencing, I’d say.  If they can get a good number of first preference votes, they might squeak in.

The Body Politic
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