Federal Election 2019: Fraser Anning’s Conservative National Party


Website: https://www.conservativenationalparty.org/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/conservativenationalparty/
One nation under God, united by the crimson threads of kinship.
Working for real Australians.
Themes: White Australia policy, xenophobia, homophobia, likes guns, doesn’t like eggs, basically trying to return us to the 1890s.  Too racist for Pauline Hanson.
Upper House: ACT, NSW, QLD, TAS, VIC
Lower House: All over the bloody place, but especially in QLD.
Preferences: FACN is very partial to the Great Australian Party, which isn’t surprising, since it is also founded by someone who was too obnoxious for One Nation.  The Australian Conservatives and the Shooters,  Fishers and Farmers appear on every preference list where they are available, as do Yellow Vests Australia (the artists formerly known as the Australian Liberty Alliance).  The Liberal Democrats and Rise Up Australia are also occasional choices, alongside One Nation.  And the preferences eventually flow, like the runny inside of a perfectly soft-boiled egg, to the Liberal Party (which, in this story, are toast).

So yeah, pretty much what you’d expect.  Right wing conspiracy theorists and racists with guns.  And the Liberal Party. What lovely company they are keeping!

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