Meet the Independents: George NEOPHYTOU (Ungrouped, Southern Metropolitan)

George Neophytou is running in the Southern Metropolitan Region, and his slogan is

To make government keep its promises.

Nothing wrong with that.

And just to make sure you fully understand where he is coming from, here is Mr Neophytou’s candidate statement:

Why do people distrust politicians, it is because they are not always trustworthy. They make promises and do not keep them. It is time to make them keep their promises. That is why I am standing. Not for power. Not for glory. Just to make sure promises are kept.

I am a genuine Independent who is contesting a seat in the Legislative Council, Southern Metropolitan Region. I am not a member of any political party, past or present.

My kingdom for a proof reader who understands commas.

Mr Neophytou’s background is in law and marketing, and he is really, really into honesty and integrity. He wants us to know that he is self-funded in this campaign and has accepted no donations from anyone, and “believes there should be a higher caliber of person in political office. Apart from honesty and integrity elected Members should have the skills, commitment, professional acumen and common sense to hold office and the serve the community. Importantly, the reason for accepting office should be on the grounds of altruism and not self-interest.”

I always love it when common sense gets invoked on a political website. It’s an almost guaranteed indicator that you are on the right-wing side of the political spectrum.  I have no idea why this is – perhaps an idea that the left side of politics just likes to make things needlessly complicated and bureaucratic (common sense apparently being the opposite of bureaucracy)?

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