Politics: Healthcare, Education and Carers – A brief and irreverent review

In the course of my job at a non-profit that provides support and advice to individuals and families with genetic conditions, I’ve been asked to do an ‘election special’ for our newsletter, involving reading and reporting on party policies in the areas of healthcare, education, carers, and other areas of interest to our members.

This is, of course, a fine idea.

Except that I really have to keep it apolitical, and I am, of course, as biased as hell.

What I’m doing is putting the name of each party, saying ‘these are the areas in which the party has policy documents, and here is where you can find the policy documents’, and then picking the area or areas in which I think our members will be most interested, and putting a little box with their statement on that subject.

Note: this post is a compilation of several, shorter, posts, written as I was reading through the various pages

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