Victorian Senate Group F: Help End Marijuana Prohibition – the party with the acronym that speaks for itself

Oh, I like this party already.  It’s not so much that I care one way or another about Marijuana – I do think it’s a bit silly to criminalise it, but I’ve never been especially interested in it myself – but you have to love a party that was clearly founded by people who were going, hey, we want to legalise marijuana, so what should we call our political party? I know, let’s call it HEMP!  Now, what can we make that actually stand for…

Acronyms.  Just say no.

The other thing that I love about this party is that it is a ‘genuine grassroots party’.  Grass.  Get it?

Yeah, I’m easily amused. And this, incidentally, is exactly why I don’t have any interest in drugs – I’m silly enough without any chemical aids.

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