Victorian State Election 2018: Meet Hudson for Northern Victoria!

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The Basics

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Themes: End the neglect of Northern Victoria.  Give me infrastructure or give me death! (I may be being a little more melodramatic than is warranted here.)

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The Group Voting Ticket

At the top of the ticket we have a mix of parties.  (Why are the group voting tickets so varied within individual parties this year?  I don’t remember it being nearly this inconsistent previously)  The Aussie Battlers are in the top five on seven our of eight tickets, and Fiona Patten’s Reason Party, the Animal Justice Party, Transport Matters, and Sustainable Australia each appear five times in the top five.  Derryn Hinch, health Australia, the Australian Country Party, the Democratic Labour Party, the Liberal Democratic Party, and the Shooters and Fishers also each appear in the top five at least once.

The bottom of the ticket is reserved for independents (both grouped and ungrouped) and the three major parties.  The Greens are usually, but not always last.  The Liberal/National Parties are listed before the ALP on four out of the eight tickets.  The Australian Liberty Alliance is always in the bottom five unless it is pushed out by the independents, and the Victorian Socialists are usually listed right before that.

If you are getting a sense of deja vu reading this, there’s a reason for it.  These tickets are VERY similar to that of the Health Australia Party.  They are not identical within regions, but they have a lot more in common than they do separately.

Once again, we don’t like major parties, and we don’t like either the extreme right or the extreme left of politics.  And at the top, we seem to be favouring small parties with somewhat confused but broadly leftish tendencies.

The Body Politic
Policies, Snark, Terrible Theme Songs and Other Observations

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