Meet the Independents: Glen Floyd

It is time now to leave the world of sensible, reasonable politicians with pleasing policies, and wade cautiously into the ENTIRELY CAPITALISED world of Glenn Floyd, who bills himself as “THE-UNTOUCHABLE”, and starts his website with the following words of wisdom in large, friendly letters:



Righty-ho then.  I think he might be equating homelessness with being untouchable, but I’m not sure whether he himself is homeless.  Or, actually, of what he means.  But he is obviously anti-corruption, and pro-transparency.  And also pro-capital letters.  Never have I seen a candidate who was so fond of his caps lock key.

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Meet the Independents: Mark Francis Dickenson

Moving along as we approaching the Baltic Sea, we have Mark Dickenson, a candidate with both a GoFundMe page, a dubiously-titled Facebook page (Dicko for Senate is not the handle I would have chosen), and a rather strangely titled blog (is he a Terry Pratchet fan, perhaps?).  Clearly a man with a lot to say, and a slightly odd sense of humour.

Mr Dickenson has a press release about his campaign, titled ‘A political candidate with a social conscience‘, that begins as follows:

In an unprecedented step to regain voter confidence, an aspiring Senate candidate named Mark Dickenson is engaging the community as never before.

With a growing presence on social media and other media platforms, he actively engages his audience and is unafraid to answer the hard questions.

I’m not quite sure why I find this so hilarious, but it gives me a giggle every time I read it.  There is a certain grandiosity of language that reminds me of some of the more unfortunately-worded grant applications I have read at work.  But, hilarity aside, he does seem to want to do some good things, and there is a certain simplicity when he says ‘I’m one of you, not one of them [the politicians]’ that resonates with me even when I am tired and sarcastic.

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Meet the Independents: Rhonda CROOKS (Ungrouped, Eastern Victoria)

Our next Independent off the rank is Rhonda Crooks, an ungrouped candidate standing in the Eastern Victorian region.  (Eastern Victoria seems to have won the lottery on the Ungrouped Candidates, though Northern Metropolitan still wins the prize for the largest number of people on the ballot paper.)

Ms Crooks does not have a political website or FaceBook page.  She mentions on her personal FaceBook page that she is running an unconventional campaign – which is possibly an entirely offline one.  I’m not sure whether it’s appropriate to link to someone’s personal FaceBook page for this sort of thing, so I think I’ll err on the side of caution.  Instead, I will simply note that Ms Crooks is a Civil Celebrant, and appears to be staunchly in favour of marriage equality.  She seems to be allied, or at least friends with, Tracie Lund, an independent contesting the Lower House seat of Morwell (and no, I will not be reading up on all the Lower House independents – sorry!).

Edited to add: Ms Crooks now does have an official FaceBook page, which can be found here.  She has also commented below, to clarify one or two things.

At this point, I honestly don’t know how helpful it is to look at where others have preferenced the independents, but for the sake of form, we’ll give it a go.  Ms Crooks gets her best shot from the LDP at 19, with the Christians and the Sex Party putting her at 20 and the Animal Justice People and People Power putting her at 21.  Incidentally, in Eastern Victoria it seems that all the political parties have lumped their ungrouped independents together on the Group Voting Tickets, but with the exception of the Coalition, who prefer Sindt, all of them have put Ms Crooks first in that group.  I’m not sure what, if anything, this tells you.  The Greens have put Crooks at 25th, the Coalition has put her at 27, Labor has put her at 34, and once again, Palmer has given her her lowest ranking, at 43 out of 46.

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