Book review: The Shakespeare Secret, by J.L. Carrell

I’ve just finished reading The Shakespeare Secret (published in the US as ‘Interred with their bones’), by JL Carrell and it’s very good (at least as far as I can tell – there are far too many qualified Shakespeareans around here for me to dare be too definitive!). Somewhere between a thriller and a murder mystery full of conspiracies and conspiracy theories – the blurb rather unjustly compared it to the Da Vinci Code (this is the least of the blurb’s sins, I regret to say); I’d say Katherine Neville was closer and that this was still out of her class.

I bought the book after hearing Carrell interviewed by one third of the Reduced Shakespeare Company. She sounded intelligent and entertaining and as though she had done her research, and this seemed like a good enough reason to give the book a try.

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