Meet the Independents: Meredith Urie

Right, I’ve had a sleep and am now somewhat vaguely awake.  Let the jetlagged commentaries commence!

Meredith Urie looks like a bit of a sweetheart.  Her keywords are ‘inclusive, insightful, integrative’, and her vision is ‘thriving self – thriving relationships – thriving communities – thriving planet’.  Her mission is to raise the quality of political dialogue, which I think we can all agree could use some raising, and her principles and values are:

Deeply listen
Respond with an open heart
Continuously learn
Make decisions from the best place

She wants to take care of the whole person (and gets bonus points from me for not using the word ‘holistic’), she wants decision making to involve ‘multiple stakeholders and the most complete information’, and to benefit all individuals, the environment, the economy and future generations’.  She likes words like ‘curious’ and ‘connectedness’ and ‘collaboration’ and ‘respect’, she wants to build trust, and, oh drat, now she is using the word ‘wholistic’, so not only does she lose that bonus point, she loses an extra point for spelling it weirdly.  She calls her policy advisors her support group, which makes me giggle because I am a terrible person, and also jetlagged, which apparently makes me even more sarcastic than usual.

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