Day two in Hijab

Today began with me attempting to get dressed.

Oh, my.

First, of course, the weather was quite hot, so there was the question of what I could wear with my Hijab.  While my Hijab teacher had told me that short sleeves were OK, I don’t think I’ve actually seen short sleeves worn with the Hijab around here, and it felt sort of wrong.  But looking in my wardrobe, I discovered that I could choose between loose, sleeveless tops, or tops with sleeves that were quite tight.  The two tops that I know I own that fall into the category of ‘not too loose but with some sleeve, at least’ were mysteriously missing.

Eventually, I found something that sort of worked – it involved layers – and moved on to attempting my scarf.

And once again, oh my.  Now, part of the problem here is vanity.  I liked how the scarf looked yesterday.  And I wanted to wear something that went with my outfit.  But it turns out that when my Hijab teacher had advised me that cotton scarves are easier, she was, if anything, understating the truth.  I went five rounds with my red, chiffon-ish scarf and three with a silk scarf, before admitting defeat and returning to my original scarf combo.  Which still took me ten minutes to get (mostly) right.  It also required more pins when I did it.

Total time to get dressed this morning?  An hour and fifteen minutes…

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