Is there anything left to say?

I am shocked.  Horrified.  Deeply, deeply upset. Angry.  Overwhelmed.  Helpless.

What do we even do in the face of this sort of attack?

France is not my homeland, and I haven’t even been to Nice, so I don’t know why this particular attack is hitting me so hard.  Perhaps it is because it comes on the heels of so many other attacks recently.  Perhaps it is because it is the third attack on France in the last eighteen months.  Perhaps it is because I hate seeing my French friends and colleagues so subdued (they are not, by nature, a subdued bunch).  As one of them said today, “I know the world is peppered with a whole lot more atrocities that are just not as televised and that’s quite unfair in itself, but I do feel like it’d be nice if these people would leave France alone for a bit.”

Yeah, that. All of that.

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