Victorian Senate Group C: One Nation Under Hanson

Working my way across the ballot, who should I find next but One Nation, possibly Australia’s most infamous political party of all time.  I’m amused to note that the Rabid Right seems to be lined up at the extreme left of the ticket, while the Loony Left seems to be more concentrated at the right hand end, but I digress.

And now I shall digress some more to express my deep disappointment that One Nation finally got a proper web designer, because their old site was *adorable* in an early-1990s, bright red text on a yellowish background sort of way.  I suppose I shall just have to find some other way to entertain myself.

One Nation informs me that it is “The Voice of the People”.  I find this very promising, because I am a person and I also have a voice, so clearly we shall get along well!

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Politics: Federal Election – Meet One Nation

Ladies and gentlemen, let me introduce you to Australia’s most regrettably famous political party of all time: One Nation. Yes, that’s right, the party formerly headed up by Pauline Hanson, though she is conspicuously absent from their website.

And what a website it is. But I’ve refrained so far from mocking the web design skills of small right-wing parties (leftist nutcases seem to do better at this), and really, One Nation provides such lavish opportunity for mockery based on their policies that it would be churlish to start now.

One Nation is another one of those parties that, for some reason, no major party wants to put high on their ticket. You see, the one thing about One Nation that makes you love it just a tiny little bit in spite of yourself is the fact that its racism is so blatant, so unashamed, and yet so very Australian. There’s no attempt to disguise it, or make it look pretty or polite – it’s loud and proud and there is, perhaps, something to be said for having one’s racist dimwits so clearly labelled. It makes them easy to avoid, for one thing. But I digress. Nobody much wants to preference One Nation, but they have to send their preferences somewhere, and in this case, they send them to the DLP, the Climate Sceptics, and the Shooters and Fishers. Says it all, really. They eventually preference Family First and the Liberals, who probably wish they wouldn’t. The Greens, I am pleased to say, are dead last once again.

So what are these racist policies? I hear you ask.

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