Meet the Small Parties: Palmer United Party

One might be forgiven for looking at the Palmer United Party with a somewhat jaundiced eyes.  Quite apart from the blinding yellowness of his site, there was the not-entirely-unpredictable backflip on the Emissions Trading Scheme, and then there is Jacquie Lambie.  It’s a little difficult not to view the Palmer United Party as a buttercup-coloured consortium of loose cannons.

Their web-page, which, just in case you haven’t grasped this yet, is yellow, yellow, yellow (a single iteration of this word is not sufficient to express just how yellow it is.  I like yellow, but not in these quantities.), invites us to Visit Victorian Candidates, so we shall.  And here we are told “It’s not the Liberal way or the Labor way, but the Right way.”  We are then told that they stand for four things:

  • Supporting local regions
  • Restoring integrity to government
  • Providing strong economic leadership
  • Connecting the Balance of Power to Victoria

I especially like the last one, because it sounds like the Balance of Power is some sort of infrastructure thing and we’re off the grid.  That’s us, the hippy Victorians, living off the grid with only the Greens and a rather scary Independent balancing the powers for us.  Clearly, we need to be rescued by a knight on a bright yellow charger.

We’ll come back to their policies and press releases in a moment – though I will say that these are a bit random – individual candidates have their press releases listed under them, and some have five and some have none, it’s a mess and not a good way to list your policies – and instead look at the PUP’s group ticket.

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