Federal Election 2019: Meet Rise Up Australia


Website: https://riseupaustraliaparty.com/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/RUAParty/
Say no to Racism, Multiculturalism, Islamism, Socialism, Communism, Nazism
Keep Australia Australian
Themes: Right wing Christian conservative party.  Into individual liberty, except for things like euthanasia, abortion, being gay, etc.  Think that Muslims can’t be true Australians.  Economically regressive. Fond of freedom of speech and also censorship.  Logical consistency is not their best trick.
Upper House: NSW, NT, QLD, VIC
Lower House: Bendigo, Boothby, Casey, Chisolm, Corangamite, Dunkley, Hotham, Isaacs, Jaga Jaga, La Trobe, Lingiari, MacNamara, Mallee, Solomon
Preferences: Rise Up Australia has possibly the most nauseating How to Vote tickets so far.  They favour the Liberals, the Christian Democrats, the Australian Conservatives, Fraser Anning’s Conservative National Party, and the DLP as their top parties in every state except QLD, where the DLP doesn’t run.  After the DLP, we get United Australia Party, One Nation, the Great Australian Party and the Shooters, Fishers and Farmers.  In Queensland, we finish off the set with Love Australia or Leave.

Essentially, if it’s a horribly racist, extreme right-wing Christian party that loves guns, Rise Up Australia is all for it.  What a bunch of charmers.

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Victorian Senate Group A: In Which Australia Rises Up

Starting from the left hand side of the paper tablecloth that we like to call a Senate Ballot paper, we have the Rise Up Australia Party, whose website has the cheery slogan “Keep Australia Australian!”.

Already, I am dubious.  This is probably because I am un-Australian.

Their little flag-picture thingie adds a few more key words and slogans: Families, Education, Jobs, Business, Free Speech, alongside “Multi-Ethnic, One Culture”, which I’m not sure is grammatical, but I probably shouldn’t start insulting them before I’ve actually read their policies.  I will note that I am always a little suspicious when “Free Speech” turns up on the front page of a party website, as in my experience this particular priority has a significant correlation with people wanting to say really nasty things and not have anyone complain about them.

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