Federal Election 2019: Meet Sunny Chandra and Robert Whitehill


Website: http://sunny4senate.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/sunny4senate/
Regional Growth, Renewable Energy, Immigration Matters
Best for everyone
Themes: Chandra: better infrastructure and more money for regional Victoria, renewable energy.  Centrist.
Whitehill: public transport, so very much public transport, renewable energy, autistic acceptance, anti-bullying. Centre left.
Upper House: VIC
Preferences: Chandra and Whitehill have preferenced the Secular Party first, followed by Independents for Climate Action Now, the Animal Justice Party, the Small Business Party and the Pirate Party.  The odd one out is the Small Business Party – the others are all fairly progressively aligned, and interested in climate change and the environment.  There’s a mild libertarian streak in here, too.  It’s an unusual mix.

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