Meet the Small Parties: Australian Sex Party

Ah, the Sex Party.  Always good for a giggle.  Always embarrassing to Google. Always impossible to write about without veering into innuendo.

I have mixed feelings about the Sex Party.  I want to like them.  For one thing, their ads are funny.  For another, well, everyone else on the left of politics seems to like them.  And yet… well, at least as of last time, I found I didn’t, quite.  They tend to be a little to libertarian for my taste, and perhaps the trouble is that for all my lefty, feminist ways, I’m actually fairly conservative in some areas.  Then again, they seem to re-invent themselves for every election.  Perhaps we will get on better this time?  (Get on, not get it on, come on, people!  If we don’t at least start with our minds out of the gutter, we are going to be plumbing positively subterranean depths of the sewers before we’re done here.  Speaking of dirty.)

The Sex Party has launched a whole new website for their Victorian campaign (I also do not recommend Googling ‘Victorian Sex Party’ any time soon), with the super-classy address .  This goes with their tagline: The Sex Party – We Give a F**k.

Right away, you know that nobody here is trying for good taste.  Which is nice, because it means you know where you stand.  They probably all Googled Victorian Sex Party, too.  Possibly in images.  (No, I haven’t done that, nor am I recommending it, and if you do, the results are on your own head.)

Their front page makes the following bold announcement:


We’re asking you, the voters, to decide a policy we run on. Why? Because, we realise that your vote is the most simple, yet powerful way to ensure your voice for change in Victoria is heard. So, we’ve put together three ideas for change, that would have an impact on Victoria. Vote daily for the change you want to see, when you vote the Australian Sex Party into the Upper House on November 29th. The winning policy will become an issue we raise in the Legislative Council in the first 100 days, all thanks to you. Read more about our other Victoria Policies.

I have to say, this is a very interesting tactic. Quite aside from the entertainment value, it sends the message that this is a party that wants to listen to its constituents.  Very canny, especially in the current climate, where one all too frequently feels that none of the politicians are listening to anyone.

The three proposed policies are 3-hour tickets on public transport, bicycle helmet freedom, and motorcycle filtering in traffic, and yes, I voted – for the three hour tickets.  Anyone who thinks that driving on the roads in Melbourne without a helmet is a good idea is misguided (there are some interesting discussions going on about whether bicycle helmets actually make people safer.  So far as I can see, they don’t necessarily make you safer from accidents – people may take more risks when wearing them – but they mitigate the damage when you do crash.  The best way to make people safe on bicycles is better roads and better driver education.  Sorry, I seem to be obsessed with bicycles this election.  Has anyone guessed my secret favourite one-issue party yet?), and I have no opinion about motorbikes, but I was not happy when Myki went to 2 hour tickets.  I want my three-hour ticket back!

That was fun, wasn’t it?  I have to give it to the Sex Party (I can’t believe I just wrote that), they understand marketing.  Possibly because sex sells.  (You saw that coming, didn’t you?)

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