Federal Election 2019: Meet the Shooters, Fishers and Farmers Party


Website: https://www.shootersfishersandfarmers.org.au/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/SFFparty/
Previous Names: Shooters Party
Shooters and Fishers Party
It’s Your Powerful Voice
Themes: Loosening gun restrictions, recreational access to national parks, promotion of shooting, hunting, fishing and four wheel driving.  Conservative.  Right wing economic policies.  Recent headlines suggest a stronger emphasis on the ‘Farming’ part of their name.  Not happy with the Nationals.
Upper House: NSW, QLD, SA, TAS, VIC, WA
Lower House: Burt, Calare, Cowan, Forrest, Gippsland, Hasluck, Mallee, Pearce
Preferences: OK, this is a bit ugly.  The SFF favour Australian Better Families in every state in which they are running.  Mmm, MRAs with guns, just what Australia needs. In Tasmania, this actually means that their how to vote cards aren’t valid, because the ABF candidate is an ungrouped independent, and you can’t vote both above and below the line, so that’s fun.  One Nation is in the top three in every state, and the Australian Conservatives are also in the top six on every card.  The Liberal Democrats appear three times, The Christian Democrats and the Australian Christians are in the top three in every state they are running in, Sustainable Australia appears twice, and there are guest appearances from the Small Business Party, the DLP, Katter, Rise Up Australia and the UAP.

Interestingly, the Liberals and Nationals appear in their top six only in WA, and the ALP is sixth on their ballot in SA. Either they are expecting a LOT of votes in the other states, or they are VERY confident about their preferences not exhausting.  I don’t think this confidence is well-founded.

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Victorian State Election: Meet the Shooters, Fishers and Farmers Party

I don’t have time to read all of this!
The Basics


Website: https://www.vicshootersandfishers.org.au/
Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/SFPVIC/
Themes: Hunters’ rights, outdoor sports, guns, the great outdoors.

With friends like these…
The Group Voting Ticket

The Shooters and Fishers have put the Liberal Democrats either first or second on every ticket, and Transport Matters in their top five in every region.  The DLP and Hinch’s Justice Party are also popular.

The Animal Justice Party, unsurprisingly, can be found at the very bottom of every ticket.  Directly above them are Labor, Liberal and the Greens, all jumbled up together in an order that I suspect is random.  Fifth from the bottom is usually the Victorian Socialists, but they make an exception for the ungrouped independents in Western Victoria and Western Metropolitan, and in Northern Metropolitan, where Walter Mikac is running on the Aussie Battler ticket, they make a point of putting him in their final five.

Given that apparently Druery has been heavily involved in putting together some of these tickets, I’m no longer sure just what we can learn from these, but I do think the LDP is a philosophical match, and I have no doubt whatsoever that the AJP didn’t find their way to the bottom of the ticket by accident.

The Body Politic
Policies, Snark, Terrible Theme Songs and Other Observations

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