Federal Election 2019: Meet the Victorian Socialists and the Socialist Alliance


Website: https://www.victoriansocialists.org.au
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/vicsocialists/
For the billions, not the billionaires
Our lives are worth more than their profits
People before profit
Themes: Socialism.  Solidarity with everyone.  Equality, pro-union, anti-discrimination.  Ambitious climate change policy.
Socialist Alliance
Upper House: NSW, WA
Lower House: Brisbane, Fremantle, Lilley

Victorian Socialists
Lower House: Calwell, Cooper, Wills
Preferences: As usual, the Socialist Alliance provides a fine barometer of which parties on the ballot are the most left-leaning.  Accordingly, they put the Greens first in both states; in Victoria, they are followed by the Australian Workers Party and Independents for Climate Action Now, neither of which are running candidates in WA.  After that, in both states, we have HEMP; NSW then gets affordable housing, WA and NSW then have the Animal Justice PArty; NSW takes a quick break for some Pirates, after which all votes are funneled to their traditional home in the ALP.
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