Meet the Independents: Stephen Juhasz

Passing Basrah now, as I drop in for a look at Stephen Juhasz, who is a bit of a ghost candidate, with no website, facebook page, or indeed web presence generally.  This does not seem like a good way to win votes.

The AEC tells me that Mr Juhasz is a student from Geelong, and that he has run as an independent before, in Bellarine, in 2010.

The internet tells me that he is something of a letter-writer and maker of submissions regarding banking (he seems to think that banks should be allowed to fail, but only in a way where the banks get penalised and the depositors are protected.  Not sure how he plans to make that work.).

In a letter to the Sunraysia Daily, he called for a Royal Commission on banking (drink!), as ‘the banks cannot, or will not, clean up their act’.

The last time we had [a royal commission on banking] was in 1937 and the last prime minister who really understood the problems with banking was Ben Chifley. 

He once said: “It has been said that I hate the banks. The only things I hate are want, misery and insecurity of any people in any country.” 

He is also sarcastic about smart cities and commutes, suggesting a helicopter Uber service for the likes for Bronwyn Bishop.

Smart cities? Great idea, but it will pose some challenges to achieve a maximum 30 minute commute for most people, especially in the larger capital cities. Maybe a new helicopter Uber service could help. Might be right up Dick Smith’s alley. Shame it wasn’t running a year ago when it could have saved us some money and Bronwyn Bishop her job!

So yes.  I think one can expect that Mr Juhasz would crack down on banking.  Beyond that, it’s anyone’s guess.  He might even be serious about the helicopters, in which case, he has my vote…

(somehow, I don’t think he is)

Edited to add: I have just had my attention drawn to Mr Juhasz’s Facebook page, which I searched for earlier and could not find.  Actually, when I search for it now, without following the link, I can’t find it. I have no idea what is going on there.  Mr Juhasz has a big yellow poster there with seven policies:

  • Save penalty rates and reduce casualisation of work
  • End government waste
  • Tax justice (make big companies pay their tax to fund healthcare, education and infrastructure)
  • Protect Australian business from unfair competition (???)
  • Cheaper housing (we need affordable housing and allegedly he will make this happen)
  • A new national approach to drug and gambling addiction
  • Make poverty and homelessness history

Essentially, another progressive candidate with very little detail on how he will deliver his goals.  But they are good goals, so you could certainly do worse.