Victorian Senate Group X: The Mystery Republicans

This is a bit interesting.  I can’t actually find any webpage for a political party called The Australian Republicans, which is going to make it a bit tricky to explore their policies in detail.  I have, however, found the lead candidate for Victoria, Peter Consandine, on the executive of a site for The Republican Party of Australia, which I’m going to presume is either the same party or a very closely-related group.  I’ve also found him writing about an Australian Republic on The Drum.  In lieu of better options, I will use these two resources to try to glean a sense of The Australian Republicans’ policies – if anyone reading this has better information, please do let me know.  I’m happy to come back and revise this post.

Edited to add – aha!  I’ve now discovered that the first of these sites does appear to be the main one, so I’ll let you read the article on The Drum yourselves, and just comment on the rest.

It turns out that the Australian Republicans also don’t have a group voting ticket.  I’m beginning to think that they are trying to make my life difficult on purpose, and will start blathering on about the Royal Baby any minute now out of sheer frustration.  But setting aside petty acrimony, let’s see what the other parties think of them instead.

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